Now More Than Ever

This electionBallotBox season has been the craziest that I have ever lived through.  I thought the insanity of the Obama-ites in 2008 was nuts, but that has nothing on this year.

For the first time in my lifetime, I have reached the conclusion that I have to live by the axiom of “never talk religion or politics”, at least when it comes to the Presidential race.  The animosity out there for those of us who cannot support either of the top two candidates is really disturbing, but I think it does point out one very important thing:  Most of us realize that this election is going to have significant consequences for this nation.

For many, regardless of which candidate takes the office of POTUS, the feeling is that the United States, as it was founded, is well and truly dead.  To a certain degree I cannot argue with that.  In fact, I would argue that process began 8 years ago when the current President said he was going to “fundamentally transform” this nation.  Transform it he did, though not for the better.

However, there is one thing those of us not supporting either of the top two Presidential candidates can do:  Support the Constitutional Conservatives on the down ticket.

No matter who ends up as our next President, it is going to be critical for true Constitutional Conservatives to be in the House and Senate to stand against either candidate’s imperialistic moves (and I have no doubt that this will be the case whether it’s Clinton or Trump).

Now more than ever we need strong Constitutional Conservatives like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul standing fast against both the overreach of power by the Executive, as well as the spinelessness of the Establishment GOP who will cave to either because they won’t do conflict.

Find out who is running in your state for Senate and House, and support the ones who stand closest to your principles – always remembering the 80/20 rule…they stand for at least 80% of the things you stand for.  This year you may need to settle for the 70/30 rule in some places, but that’s still better than someone who doesn’t believe in any of the things you find important.  Remember that you will never find the “perfect” candidate, but you can hopefully find some people who are close enough.

That’s the first step, but let me point out something that is even more relevant for you – your state and local races may be even more important as they have the greater impact on your day-to-day life than any national office does.

Here in Washington State, a group of people who were working on the Cruz campaign have decided to stick together as a group, and work on getting Conservative candidates into office on all levels here in the State.  Members of the group have selected one State-wide candidate, and one or two local candidates to support insuring that as many candidates as possible have some strong Constitutional Conservatives working with them to get the word out.  Many of the candidates this year are new to politics, and don’t have the name recognition that the incumbent Democrat (in most cases) has, so they desperately need people to step up and help out.  Each Thursday, the former Cruzers get together on a conference call to discuss the candidates, what the needs are, and upcoming events with those candidates.

And, the efforts are starting to see results.  For the first time in decades, we have a real opportunity to get a Republican into the governor’s office, and take control of the State House.  Each of us gives whatever level of support we can, be it in time, knowledge, money or a combination of all.  We are individuals who share the same principles and goals that we would like to see prominent in this state, who come together to be more effective than we can be as individuals.

It’s tough though.  Given the extreme dislike for both, it would be easy this year for the #NeverHillary and #NeverTrump people to just sit out the election entirely.

Please do not do that.

Yes, we are not going to be happy with the top of the ticket no matter what.  Reality is, one of those two is going to be POTUS.  But we have an opportunity here to still make an enormous difference in restoring our Constitutional Republic.  It won’t be fast, and it won’t be easy, but if we truly believe that it is worth saving, and restoring, then we must put our apathy aside, and use our anger to more constructive purposes.

We are going to have to start small.  Most of us have never been really involved in a political campaign short of, perhaps, donating a little money to a candidate here and there (and the last statistic I heard was only about 3% of people do donate to candidates).  Money is good…they all need it, and that’s no doubt…but, what they really need are volunteers.  People to go out to meet their neighbors and talk about the candidate.  People who will come into the HQ to make phone calls and put address labels on mailers.  People who will walk in a parade with them just to show their support.  People who will write letters to the editors, or blog posts that will explain where the candidate stands on key issues.

I realize we are all really busy just getting everything done with our everyday lives, and it’s hard to try and fit in time to volunteer on a campaign.  However, even just a few hours a month can make an enormous difference if enough of us are doing it.

I would suggest, for those who were involved in the Cruz campaign, or that of another candidate, band together to determine the most efficient and effective means to help your local candidates.  It will allow you to begin building a network that will help strengthen the Constitutional Conservative movement in your state, and will lay the ground work for future elections.

It comes down to this:  Now, more than ever, we need to be involved.  We have been the “Silent Majority” for too long, and now we are left with choices that are really no choice at all.  If we want government to be a smaller part of our lives, we need to be working to elect people who feel the same way.

If we are not there to support them, and I mean tangibly support them, who is going to?

Voting is not enough anymore.  The time for action has arrived.  It is too late to do anything about the top of the ticket, but we can certainly make an impact down the ballot at the federal level, as well as the state and local levels.  Believe me, your local city or county council has a greater impact on your lives than POTUS really ever will.

Let’s show the Progressives and Establishment that they have not beaten us.  Let’s show them that Constitutional principles really do matter, and that we will fight for them with all that we have for as long as we have it.

No one else is going to do this for us.  The GOP has well and truly abandoned their Conservative base, and may soon be going the way of the Whigs for their stand in the primary and since.

For our “posterity”, the generations to come, it falls upon us to take up the fight and restore the principles in our government which were the basis of its foundation.

This may very well be the last chance to stop the tide for a generation or more, and it starts with the very small pebbles we will find locally.  No one pebble will make a difference on its own, but find enough to build a strong wall and it will make an enormous difference.

Now, more than ever we need to stand strong together and be the difference — the difference between the oblivion of history, or reigniting the “shining city on the hill”.



A Matter of Trust

Your Vote CountsLike many others, on both sides of the aisle, I am struggling greatly with the choices we have before us in November.  On the “other side” is Hillary Clinton, who will struggle with gaining the support of a large portion of Bernie Sanders’ supporters (if those I’ve spoken with are any indication).  On “my side”, many of us struggle greatly with whether we can, or will, vote for Donald Trump.

I have been trying to figure out exactly what it is that is holding me back from just holding my nose and voting for the “lesser of two evils”.  I’ve recently come to the conclusion it’s three things:

1)  For me, there is no “lesser” of two evils in this race.

Hillary Clinton is patently unfit for the office based on her past performance as Secretary of State and the disaster that is our current foreign policy (95% her doing), her inability to tell the truth about anything other than the very “progressive” (i.e. socialist) changes she wants to make to complete the “fundamental transformation of America” from a Constitutional Republic to a socialist state (such as Venezuela where the people cannot even get toilet paper any more), to her private email server that would have landed anyone else (not a Clinton or Democrat politician) behind bars for decades.

Then, we have Donald Trump:  A narcissist bully who feels free to use the most disgusting tactics needed to get what he wants (i.e. calling Dr. Ben Carson the next thing to a child molester, and suggesting that Ted Cruz was an adulterer and his father somehow played a part in the assassination of JKF), who has been contributing to the “establishment” of both Parties for most of his adult life (for his own gain) and now is running as the “anti-establishment” candidate, and who cannot seem to keep his story (or policies) straight from one speech to the next (or sometimes even one sentence to the next).

2)  Neither of these candidates come close to representing, much less believing in, the fundamental principles upon which this country was founded.  Neither really mentions the Constitution except in how they will try to weaken or circumvent it.  Both believe that it’s place in history has passed, and that it is a “living breathing document’ that should be changed to fit the whim of whoever happens to be in office every 4 years.

The Constitution is a unique document in history.  At no other time in history has a nation given the power of running things to the people of that nation.  Yesterday was Bastille Day in France.  The celebration of the start of the French Revolution.  Compare that to the American Revolution that happened just several years before that.

In America, we were essentially fighting because England refused to give us a voice in how we were governed, and those who led this fight were not in it to “take over”.  When the war was over, and they gathered to come up with a new way to lead a nation, they pulled from several other historical documents – and, more importantly, from the Bible.  Even those who were not practicing Christians understood the benefit of structuring the principles of governance from the teachings in the Bible.  They believed that the people of this new nation were smart enough and strong enough to govern themselves.

In France, they were rebelling against the aristocracy.  They were tired of those born to affluence making the average people pay more and more to maintain that affluence.  The French Revolution was born of anger, not of ideals.  Once they had taken out the majority of the aristocracy, they then began to turn on each other.  Each new group that took power led them down a darker, more totalitarian path until they eventually ended up with a short dictator named Napoleon.  Throughout their struggles, they kept moving further and further away from the Biblical principles that had made them strong in previous generations.

Something we are doing now, and I believe there will be a heavy price to be paid.

3)  Ultimately, I have concluded it is a matter of trust.  I flat out do not trust either candidate.  Not in any way, shape or form.

Hillary has proven herself to be a liar over and over again.  From her days as the First Lady when she lied about “the vast right wing conspiracy”, to the reason 4 good men died on her watch on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, to the email server stashed in some guy’s bathroom in Colorado.

Most Democrats will admit that they think she’s a big fat liar…and, not even as good at it as her husband.

Donald Trump has changed his position on every single issue, multiple times, to the point where I have not the first clue what I should believe would be his real policy positions.

He’s going to build the wall…well, it might just be a virtual wall.

He’s anti-abortion…but believes that Planned Parenthood does “good things for women’s health” and should still receive federal funding “except for the abortion part”.  Whether you “intend” to fund the “abortion part” or not, if you fund the organization, you are funding abortions.  There is no way to realistically determine what part of the funding went where.  And, if we’re just funding them for the mammograms and condoms, then why aren’t we doing the same for every neighborhood health clinic out there that does the same thing (while not providing abortions)?

He was all for the “assault weapon” ban of Bill Clinton, but is now suddenly pro-gun and the NRA.

He was 100% behind universal health care, but now he would get rid of Obamacare, but he wants to replace it with a system where “the government will pay for it”, which is universal healthcare.

He’s for tariffs to “teach those who screw us in trade” a lesson – oh, but wait, no he didn’t say he was for tariffs…he just said he’d make them pay.  How…through tariffs.

His list of very strong candidates for the Supreme Court Vacancy is great…until 24 hours after it was uploaded to his site, and then it was just there for “guidance”.

His website, written by other people (I can tell because there are full sentences that make sense from beginning to end, unlike his off-the-cuff speeches) says one thing, and then the candidate himself completely contradicts that – until someone on his staff points it out, and then it’s “well, I didn’t mean it like that”.

I have a very fine tuned b.s.-o-meter, and it has been pegging off the scale since early last year.

Trust is a key component for me in any aspect of my life, but especially when it comes to putting power into the hands of someone who has the ability to either improve or destroy my circumstances.

Our elected officials, and the Supreme Court, were never meant to wield the power that they do.  The power was to remain in our hands, and we trusted that those we elected would recognize that and not use the power loaned to them for a time as a weapon against us.

We have failed in our duty as citizens.  We have grown lazy and let those in government grow to be “too big to fail”.  This election is the result of our complacence.  The fact is, we have millions of people, on both sides of the aisle, who were so angry with the abuses of power and betrayal of those in office over decades, that they lashed out against the “establishment” on both sides.  The let emotion over rule their reason.  And, I believe our future moving forward is not going to be a bright one.

When the people lose trust in those who lead them, bad things can happen.  When a candidate starts out with such a huge trust gap before even entering office, it will be even worse.

No matter who wins in November, our nation will be more divided than ever.

So, where does that leave me?  On my knees, praying for divine guidance.  God has a plan, and I have no idea what that is.  I struggle with giving my vote to a man who claims to be a Christian, yet who calls one competitor a child molester and another an adulterer, all while knowing that neither is true.  A man who used his wealth to “buy” government officials so that he could further line his pockets.  A man who attempted to manipulate the law to kick people out of their houses so he could build his empire a little larger.  These are not the words and actions of one who truly follows Christ.

I don’t begin to claim that I know the state of either of their souls, and God knows I’m not a perfect follower of His Son by any means.  I can only consider what I see before me, and I am disturbed by what I see from both of them.  This is a decision He will have to make for me, because at this point I can’t.

Where there is no trust, there is no liberty.  It’s all a matter of trust.

#Election2016, #NeverTrump, #NeverHillary